sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2008

Just another love song

You'd given your heart
but I wanted your soul
You wouldn't have excepted
still I gave you my own
I never got it back
but now that it's regrown
I think I'm strong enough to
pick up my phone

To tell you how I missed you
and to tell you how I cried,
how I sometimes hoped I could just
wipe you from my mind
But I never really hoped that
I could do that, Clementine
I hope that you're my friend
and I hope you're doing fine

I still upset my friends
I still blame myself
Now I'm feeling twice as old
though I'm in better health

And I wonder how your boyfriend feels
if he ever hears this song
I wonder if you've told him
what was really going on
'Cause you never really told me
about your love before
Maybe it's because you never
trusted me at all
And I know that it seems funny
that it's taken me so long
I should've given up by now
I should have moved on
I've tried to get with other girls
but something's always wrong
No-one hurts me like you did
and no-one turns me on

I should let go, it's true
I should find someone new
But January, February, March, April, May
and it's you

It's you

- Tuomo: It's You

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